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PayPal Account Restricted – Why And What Actions You Can Take?

PayPal Account Restricted

There is nothing more frustrating than opening your PayPal account in order to send money or check payments just to find out that it has been limited. PayPal is an important Internet money transfer system which is definitely…

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How To Install Jio Cinema Without Jio SIM? [3 Step Process]

Install Jio Cinema Without Jio SIM

Install Jio Cinema without Jio SIM – Is it possible? Let’s us see how we can run Jio Cinema app without Jio SIM. Jio Cinema is an app based in India that allows its users to watch their…

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Why Is My TikTok Video Under Review? [3 Reasons]

TikTok video under review

Looking for reasons why is your TikTok video under review? We have written 3 reasons for it. Check them out and try not to include those things in your video. TikTok is a popular app that allows users…

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How To Use Google Pay On Rooted Phones? [Android Guide]

Google Pay on Rooted Phones

Wondering how we can use Google Pay on rooted phones? Here, we made the simplest guide for you. Google Pay is a service from Google that makes it simple and convenient to make online purchases. It rebranded from…

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Why Your PayPal Transaction Cannot Be Completed?

transactions cannot be completed

PayPal is a convenient way to send payment from one person to another. But sometimes your PayPal transaction cannot be completed due to some reasons. PayPal has enabled businesses to be successfully conducted on the web as distant…

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