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Reset Chrome Settings: Step-By-Step To Restore Google Chrome Settings

Reset Chrome Settings

Reset Chrome Settings – Restore To Their Original Defaults Google Chrome is an extremely fast web browser; it loads and displays web pages very quickly. At some point, the browser will have a lot of junk files, cookies…

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How To Install Firefox On Mac? [Steps-By-Step Guide]

Install Firefox On Mac

Mozilla Firefox is one of the favourite web browsers for a computer. Firefox gives you fast access to websites you intend to view. Mozilla Firefox can be installed on all operating system, but in this article, we’ll look…

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How To Check Mozilla Firefox Version? [Easy Guide]

Check Mozilla Firefox Version

Nowadays, it’s imperative to know the version of the browser you’ve installed on your PC. Lack of knowledge can make your PC vulnerable to recent security threats. New versions of the browser have equipped with a lot of…

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Google Chrome Not Loading Anything: How To Fix? [Step-by-Step Guide]

Google Chrome Not Laoding Anything

Several problems can cause Google Chrome not loading anything to view. There will be a need to verify where the problem is from to make the workflow run the usual way. The first thing will be to determine…

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How To Install Adobe Flash Player For Hotstar In Chrome [Step-By-Step Guide]

adobe flash player for hotstar

Hotstar is an Indian content streaming website by Novi Digital Entertainment. It provides streaming media such as series, and movies. Hotstar has garnered more than 300 million users since its inception, and it is still on the rise….

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