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Pinterest Not Working On Firefox – Here’s How To Fix It

Pinterest Not Working On FireFox

The Pinterest website is not working on Chrome as well as on Firefox. I know this is strange even mine is not working too. I Googled ‘Pinterest not working on…

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How To Reset Default User Agent In Mozilla Firefox


To reset default user agent in Firefox, you need to follow some very simple steps given in this guide. A user agent is a code written in the Mozilla Firefox….

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How To Configure Firefox Proxy Settings

Firefox Proxy Settings

Firefox proxy settings feature allows you to configure many types of proxy settings. You can add system default, set your own manually, and also it has an auto-detect proxy setting…

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How To Hide Unwanted Flashy Content From Website In Firefox

hide unwanted flashy content

To hide unwanted flashy content from a website is not a hectic task to do. We all want clean reading while we are on any device (Mobile, Desktop, Tablet etc)….

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How To Turn On Safe Mode In Mozilla Firefox


Safe Mode in Mozilla Firefox allows you to fix the problems and troubleshoot them. It is a really cool feature when your Firefox is running with some issues or problems…

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