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How To Hide Unwanted Flashy Content From Website In Firefox

hide unwanted flashy content

To hide unwanted flashy content from a website is not a hectic task to do. We all want clean reading while we are on any device (Mobile, Desktop, Tablet etc). There a lot of annoying ads out there…

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How To Turn On Safe Mode In Mozilla Firefox


Safe Mode in Mozilla Firefox allows you to fix the problems and troubleshoot them. It is a really cool feature when your Firefox is running with some issues or problems like getting slow, hangs in between, acting strangely…

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How To Restore Previously Opened Tabs In Mozilla Firefox


To┬árestore previously opened tabs in Mozilla Firefox, all you have to do is follow the simple steps given in this guide. But, let’s talk about why do you need to┬árestore previously opened tabs? There could be many reasons…

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How To Fix High Memory Usage Of Mozilla Firefox


Sometimes, we have seen that Mozilla Firefox takes high memory usage on our PC. This makes the Mozilla Firefox slow and sometimes even crash it. It is possible to fix high memory usage in Mozilla Firefox. You just…

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How To Import Bookmarks In Mozilla Firefox From Any Browser

import bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox from any browser

Most of the people use Mozilla Firefox rather than any other browser and they love it actually. It’s completely your choice which browser you wanted to use as a primary one. So, if you want to use Mozilla…

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