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First Blockchain Virtual Machine On Java

First Blockchain Virtual Machine

Aion network rolls out the first blockchain virtual machine on Java. Blockchain is a technology that enables the moving of digital coins from one individual to another. There are various digital coins and the most popular is Bitcoin…

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Blackberry Messenger Shutting Down? Why

Blackberry messenger shutting down

Blackberry Messenger Shutting Down? Why is it for good anyway? Blackberry messenger, commonly known as BBM, was a messaging service by Blackberry that allowed users to send messages to each other. It was discontinued on 31st May 2019….

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MacOS Mojave Security Flaw – 3 Major Flaws In Privacy And Security

MacOS Mojave Security Flaw

MacOS Mojave security flaw: In this article, we’ll explain 3 major privacy and security flaws in Apple MacOS Mojave. Apple released MacOS Mojave operating system in September 2018 as its fifteenth major release. This OS, however, has caused…

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What Does Server Error Mean? Everything You Need To Know

What Does Server Error Mean

What Does Server Error Mean? This article is all about server error and everything you need to know about server errors. You probably might have encountered server errors when browsing the internet at one point. When you encounter…

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PhonePe KYC – Step-By-Step Guide To Complete PhonePe KYC At Home

PhonePe KYC

PhonePe KYC Guide: This will be full step by step guide to complete KYC (Know your customer) through PhonePe App. PhonePe is a mobile payment app based in India.  With this app, customers can send and receive money…

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