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Pinterest Not Working On Firefox – Here’s How To Fix It

Pinterest Not Working On FireFox

The Pinterest website is not working on Chrome as well as on Firefox. I know this is strange even mine is not working too. I Googled ‘Pinterest not working on Firefox’ but there were just simple ways like…

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How To Reset Default User Agent In Mozilla Firefox


To reset default user agent in Firefox, you need to follow some very simple steps given in this guide. A user agent is a code written in the Mozilla Firefox. It tells the websites that what sort of…

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How To Hide Unwanted Flashy Content From Website In Firefox

hide unwanted flashy content

To hide unwanted flashy content from a website is not a hectic task to do. We all want clean reading while we are on any device (Mobile, Desktop, Tablet etc). There a lot of annoying ads out there…

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How To Fix High Memory Usage Of Mozilla Firefox


Sometimes, we have seen that Mozilla Firefox takes high memory usage on our PC. This makes the Mozilla Firefox slow and sometimes even crash it. It is possible to fix high memory usage in Mozilla Firefox. You just…

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How To Fix Couldn’t Load XPCOM Error In Mozilla Firefox


Sometimes, our Mozilla Firefox gives us a¬†Couldn’t load XPCOM error. This error can stick long with your browser and there are limited methods to solve this error. XPCOM error is known as a cross-platform¬†component model from Mozilla and…

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