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Why Is My TikTok Video Under Review? [3 Reasons]

TikTok video under review

Looking for reasons why is your TikTok video under review? We have written 3 reasons for it. Check them out and try not to include those things in your video. TikTok is a popular app that allows users…

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How To Change Your Username On TikTok App [Step-By-Step]

Change your username on TikTok App

If you finding difficult to change your username on TikTok App then this guide is for you. TikTok is an Android and IOS media app for making and sharing short videos. The application will let you create short…

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How To Change Phone Number On TikTok App? [Step-By-Step Guide]

Change Phone Number on TikTok

Unable to figure out how you can change phone number on TikTok App? What if we can guide you on how to do it on your device? TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms in…

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TikTok Says I’m Not Eligible – How To Fix? [Android/iOS]

TikTok Says I'm Not Eligible

Many of you were asking us why TikTok says I’m not eligible when we try to register or make an account on it. So, we thought that we should focus on this issue and write something for you….

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How To Fix TikTok Musical.ly Errors – Step By Step Guide

Fix Tik Tok Musical.ly Errors

I’m pretty sure that if you are using TikTok Musical.ly app then you are also facing the errors like loading, lip sync, login error’s, camera issues, etc. So, we are here with the step by step guide on…

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