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What Is YamJam: How To Promote YamJam?

Promote YamJam Events

The term YamJam may sound funny or childlike thing or even yummy. It is none of them, though. It is simply a questioning and answering platform. Yammer users post their queries and some expert panel answers their question. It effectively…

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What Is Yammer? Is It Right For Your Team Or Business?


Yammer is a social media platform for businesses. It is a business-oriented site, where people with similar ideas and skills can discuss and grow together. What is the need of using Yammer? Yammer is a social network for…

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How To Join Yammer Group?

Join Yammer Group

How to join Yammer group? Yammer is a business-oriented social media application. Although the application is social media, it is very much isolated from other social media applications out there. Yammer members have got to follow all the…

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What is Yammer Feed: An Abstracted Snap Of A Feed

Yammer Feed

What is Yammer Feed? The Yammer feed is an abstracted snap of a feed that is usually specified to a particular topic. Yammer Feeds is to be posted on your community or on behalf of your community, hence it needs…

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