11 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Content Writers

Looking for the best google chrome extensions for content writers? Well, no need to go somewhere else. This guide will be all about which Google Chrome extensions should you use. Being myself a content writer, I always wanted to know how can I make my¬†work easier? I keep digging towards the content, knowledge as well as ease to do that work. Google Chrome is the browser which I daily use and it’s from the start by default browser. Google Chrome has a number of extensions which you can use daily to make your life easier.

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Content Writers

1. Grammarly

Being a content writer, this extension of Google Chrome is always my first priority. Grammarly checks the spelling and mistakes in your content and points you right there while you’re writing it. This makes your work more perfect, easier and fast. The premium membership of the Grammarly is even more amazing. Grammarly premium account lets you check the plagiarism, advanced punctuations check, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, style checks.


2. Writer

Are you worry about writing the content and then saving it. Well, you don’t have to worry about it because Writer extension allows you to save your work automatically. You can be able to change the fonts, backgrounds as well as it has the word count support. This is a must have Google Chrome extension for a content writer.

Best Google Chrome Extensions For Content Writers

3. Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary is an awesome product from Google family. It actually saves you from not to worry about more words. Google Dictionary provides you meaning and definition of the words by just double-clicking on the word. Clicking on the small speaker icon will allow you to hear the pronunciation of the word. This extension is the best example of learning something new every day for the content writers.

Best Google Chrome Extensions For Content Writers

4. Auto Text Expander

This is one of the best Google Chrome extension for content writers and it sets an example too. With the help of this extension, you can save a particular sentence/phrase with a simple shortcut command. Let’s say we have the line ‘Call me after some time, I’m busy right now’ and we can save it by ‘Call’ word. Next time when you will write ‘Call’ it will auto-expand the whole sentence right there.

Best Google Chrome Extensions For Content Writers

5. Google Similar Pages

A tool from a Google Family is always my priority. Why not? Google provides the best services out there and a trustworthy company. Every content writer has a first to do a task which is ‘Research’. This is a great Google Chrome extension for Content writers to do research on a certain topic. This works in a very simple manner. If you are on any web page while doing research and want to know more about the similar topic. Just click on the extension and it will show you more similar pages right there at one place. Isn’t this amazing.

Best Google Chrome Extensions For Content Writers

6. OneTab

This extension is also a part of the content writing research and is one of the best Google Chrome extensions for content writers. When you are doing research, you open so many tabs. This extension saves the selected tab and lets you use them later on. It lets you arrange the tabs in a group also. Researching cannot be easier after this Google Chrome extension.

Best Google Chrome Extensions For Content Writers

7. SpeakIt

What more you need than an extension reads for you. It’s time for you to sit back and enjoy your tea/coffee whatever you like. It has many text-to-speech engines and you can change them into male/female voices also. You can adjust your volume level, speaking rate, shortcuts etc.

Best Google Chrome Extensions For Content Writers

8. Dropbox

While writing a content, saving it online is always the best option to do so. While you’re miles away from the home but your content will be still online saved and you can access it anytime. Dropbox is an online free storing cloud service but it has a certain limit too.

9. Evernote Web Clipper

This is one of the best Google Chrome extensions for Content writers in terms of saving a particular content. You just have to highlight the text from the web page and it will instantly add it to the Evernote folder. Even it allows you to save to entire web page. Just think how much easier your research for content would be.

10. AdBlock

Ads can be annoying and AdBlock extension allows us to block them. This can help in content research a lot. Instead of having a distraction with these ads, you can easily focus on the content which you want to collect and read.

Best Google Chrome Extensions For Content Writers

11. Pic Monkey

Finally, for the Images, how can we forget these. A little bit of editing is always the part of your content. Pic Monkey is a kind of an application which adds to your chrome and you can use it when you want to edit any pic online. No mastery of editing is required to use this. The extension has most of the features but some are paid though. A free package would be enough for editing your images. It’s an app which will be added to your ‘Chrome://apps’ page. Just open it, click on the app and start using it anytime you want.

Best Google Chrome Extensions For Content Writers

Above are some of the best Google Chrome extensions for content writers available today. Write down in comments if you have any suggestions to make. We share latest technology trends also, make sure you check them. Follow us on Social Media for the latest updates.

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